Shooter's Rag is currently being published at very irregular and
widely-spaced intervals by Michael Havelin.

Shooter's Rag began in 1992 as a labor of love. It was the high point of a life in photography. Unfortunately, the dream was greater than the business success, and SR's paper publication went into remission after the publisher wised up to the economic realities of launching a national magazine. Nonetheless, SR serves a useful purpose in the photographic world, and the World Wide Web provides the means to continue publication to a much larger audience on a limited budget. So here we are. Check back at intervals.

Back issues of SR issues 1-11 are available, including PDF files from the PDF Access Page .

Issue #1 - Collectorís Edition
Interview with Irene Hinke Sacilotto, Photography: Hobby, Business, or Way of Life? by Michael Havelin, The Story No One Wanted by Michael Havelin, Hunting the Dreaded Pika in the National Parks by Michael Havelin, What is a New Photobuyer Worth to You? by Rohn Engh (Stock), Saving the Shoot by Dee Williams (Digital Imaging), Photographic Testing: The Quality of Light by Michael Bryant (Tech), Book Reviews

Issue #2
Putting on the Dog: Shooting Coyotes in Yellowstone by Michael Havelin, Contributor Guidelines: A Tool for Getting into Print by Michael Havelin, Pilgrims of the Soul by Mike Booher, Itís Only Money, But Itís Yours by Dee Williams (Digital Imaging), Meter Testing by Michael Bryant (Tech), Back to Basics by Rohn Engh (Stock), Book Reviews

Issue #3 - The Traveling Photographer
Choosing Your Travel Gear by Dan Smith, Dry Cameras for Great Wet Pictures by Larry Tullis, Look Before You Leave by Timothy Hensley, Interview with John Shaw - Part I, Film & Airports by Michaels Bryant & Havelin (Tech), Service or Stock by Rohn Engh (Stock), Book Reviews & New Products
Issue #5
Beating the Bad Guys With Camera & Pen by Michael Bloom, Rules for Investigative Journalists to Live By by Michael Bloom, To Drive or Not to Drive by Michael Havelin, Fishing For Profits by Craig Ritchie, Verbal Contracts by David Mandell, Esq., Changing the Photographic Paradigm by Peter Blacksburg, Digital Imaging: Invitation to Piracy? by Rohn Engh, Seeking the Perfect Emulsion by Michael Bryant, Plus book reviews, contests & more.

Issue #6 - Light!
Cave Photography by James Jasek, Softbox Flash Outdoors by Kenneth Smiegowski, Obtaining an Outdoor Guide Number by Kenneth Smiegowski, Light for the Millions - Paul C. Buff, Inc. by Michael Havelin, Portable Power - Reusable Batteries Analyzed by Robert Barber, Lab Liability for Film Loss by David Mandell, Esq., Vocabulary for the New Paradigm by Peter Blacksburg, Photo CD-ROM - Let's Demand a Recall by Rohn Engh, The Light Fantastic by Michael Bryant, Plus book & software reviews, contests & more.

Issue #7
Photographic Ethics by Helen Longest-Slaughter, Trapped in a Shift of Photo Ethics by Dr. Charles McRea, Bullfrogs in the Kiddy Pool by Michael Havelin, Photo-CD by Andy Rodney, Choices by Stephen Trimble, Alternative Process Photography - Part I by Karl P. Koenig, Digitizing the Attic by Michael Bryant, Stochastic Screening by Peter Blacksburg, A Digital Image is Forever by Rohn Engh, Photographing Objects David Mandell, Esq., Plus book & software reviews, contests & more.

Issue #8
Action Sports Photography by Dan Smith, Principles for Shooting Action Sports by Michael Havelin, On the Level by Charles Blackley, Jr., Alternative Process Photography - Part II by Karl P. Koenig, Of Taxation andPhotographers - Part I by P.H.Lockwood, Whither Photography? by Michael Havelin, Sagas of Stolen Videos David Mandell, Esq., A Lab Goes Digital.. Or Not by Peter Blacksburg, The Best Years of Our Lives by Rohn Engh, Plus book & software reviews, contests & more.

Issue #9
How to Get Published Now! by R.DodgeWoodson, Interview with Kevin Adams, Secrets of Lens Extension by Michael Havelin Alternative Process Photography - Part III by Karl P. Koenig, Of Taxation andPhotographers - Part II by P.H.Lockwood, That Arrogant A--hole, Me! by Michael Havelin, Work For Hire David Mandell, Esq., Plus book & software reviews, contests & more.

Issue #10
Build a Home Darkroom by Michael Havelin, More From the Nation's Attic by Michael Bryant, Kodak Kisses Ol' Yeller Goodbye by Rohn Engh, Whose Right to Copy? David Mandell, Esq., Book reviews & more

Issue #11
Print 16x20 in a Home Darkroom by Michael Havelin, Photopinions, Book reviews & more

A full set of issues 1 through 11 is available for $35 U.S. Some out of print issues might be photocopied.
If you missed an issue and only want one or two articles from it, copies of the articles are available for $2 each. But for that price, you might as well spend $4 for the entire back issue. Issue #4 is sold out, but we can still send you copies of the articles it contained or a copy of the entire issue for $4.

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